Jogging in early days

Dear Friends,
I hope you are all well.
I am 3 weeks after left hemisphere couple of strokes that have impacted on the words and reading side of things in expressive dysphasia.
I am wondering if it is safe for me to be jogging? How long does the bruising and inflammation take to calm down?
I have tried jogging, but felt very, very tired after trying, but am keen to get back to it as I like jogging. However, if this could be adding to inflammation then I will not do it - what do you think?
Many thanks indeed,

Dear Lesley
I am not a medic and it would be best if you asked your doctor. But if that's not possible I would hold back for a month or perhaps six weeks (from stroke), just to be on the safe side.
When you are past six weeks then you might be struck with ongoing fatigue, a lot of us get this. To get through the fatigue you will need to listen to your body. Overdoing things will cause you to go backwards with recovery. Underdoing things will lengthen the recovery. So you need to find the right spot for you.
I am impressed you can even manage to walk, let alone jog.
I found a diary very helpful. By recording the activity and comparing to fatigue I had at least got a reference point.
It is so early for you.
Keep smiling. Be positive.

I think you are very brave to consider jogging! Last week I got caught in a shower during my daily walk. A thought went through me, "should I run for shelter?". I decided on NO! I havn't jogged for three years and the thought of slipping up and adding to my problems was a deciding factor. I just increased my pace slightly and settled for getting soaked to the skin.
Sorry if this doesn't answer your question! but I'm in a chatty mood!

I had a Tia two weeks ago. I have been exercise addicted for 30years. My doc said do nothing for 2weeks. Today my wife allowed me a short cycle ride. It was fantastic. I would recommend a walk/jog The key being to get outside and have a positive target. Enjoy the moment and forget about time and distance. Take it ste by stet. Phil

Try a short distance jog to start with...see if fatigue hits you that evening or the following morning.

I can walk my dogs for 3 to 4 miles now,but using a pressure washer for an hour a few days ago left me knackered for a day.
It's all about finding your cut off point .... then gradually increase it.

I've been through all this before with 'Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome' after a dose of the shingles.I needed a year off work to begin with and it took 7 years to shake off the fatigue.
It can take a long time to recover so don't push yourself too hard,or as others have feel like you're going backwards.



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