Knowing when the time is right

Two achievements today. Firstly, I have been in the shallow end of a swimming pool. I thought through the event and put my trunks on before going to the pool. Changing was okay. I used my walking stick to get to the pool, then my partner helped me down the steps. I couldn’t swim as such, because of my weak left side. However, I manageda one handed approach for a few feet, then focused on doing a little walking and arm movements. The buoyancy helped. I even got in and out of the jacuzzi.

Second achievement....I have had my first bath in nearly two years. It was a low bath with a handgrip on the wall. Ran the bath and got in pretty well. Oh,how wonderful it was! Hadn’t thought through how to get out effectively, but at my strength and balance class I have been taught how to get up after a fall. Applied this technique and using my good leg effectively and the hand grip and got out.

I write this not as a personal boast, but to say things can be done. A bath has been on my mind for many months and I have got in and out of the bath once, fully clothed, at home. This one was a bit lower and had the hand grip.

Finally, Deigh.....great story and a belated Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration.

Congrats John it really does make you appreciate the things thats lots take for granted.
I totally get the 'bath experience' wishing you many more!



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