Hello all, new guy from Essex here who is virtually fully recovered from the stroke he had January last year.

I got a few questions about mixing meds and thought someone here may know?

Hi Mark, I'm an Essex girl at heart - Lincoln's lovely but the countryside and coast in Essex is where I belong!
Anyway...... we heard a bit about mixing meds at the UK Stroke Assembly last year. My hubby had tried a couple of different meds for his neuro pain, amitriptyline and gabapentin (excuse my spelling, can't be bothered to get the boxes!) Both worked when in high enough dosage, but both had some side effects which he couldn't live with. At the stroke assembly a doctor talked about combining meds and we came home to talk to the GP about it, he agreed to give it a try and now my hubby takes smaller doses of both and gets the pain relief without the side effect.
Were you talking about that kind of mixing meds or the negative effects of taking some meds with others??
I do think that whilst listening to what others take/find useful you should always talk to your GP before changing/dropping any meds......

I'm on Losartan 50mg and I'm taking 75mg aspirin too.
From what I read I think losartan may work better without being mixed with aspirin plus do I still need aspirin a year on when my blood pressure is now under control?

P.s. I live in south Essex, Rainham village, but will be in Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast all this week.

Ahh, I had a friend whose Grandparents lived in Rainham. I hope you get good weather in Mablethorpe, if you like walking on the beach try Anderby Creek - it's beautiful.
My hubby's never been advised to take asprin, although his brother does after a suspected TIA. Your pharmacist would be the best one to ask about the losartan being more effective without the asprin - I'm afraid I have no experience of either..... Maybe somebody else will reply with something more useful!



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