NHS sucks

I‘ve been going to hospital for botox injections I have post stroke spasticity. The first time I went was fine the second time they had the wrong type this time the neurologist said my arm movement was fine and if he was to do the injection there would be a risk of my off ,my shoulder dislocating so didn’t do it my wife overheard the assistant say they were short of the toxin. I’ve since found out the doctor is part of a private clinic called pace rehabilitation isn’t this a conflict of interests and what can I do about it I’m supposed to having botox and not getting it I’ve been referred to a private clinic by him for FES an assessment All they are doing is referring NHS patients to their own private clinics it feels like a conspiracy and there’s nothing we can do about it

Hi Michaelscad,

This is just one situation and I'll hazard that there are hundreds if not thousands of people receiving Botox injections to help with spasticity. I see no conspiracy but perhaps you are personally disappointed and over-reacting?

I've seen Spinal Injury patients have great results with NHS Botox treatment in a rehab setting.

I had a subluxed shoulder but was able to resolve it with exercise. I can do chin-ups now, weighing seventeen stones.

If you're disappointed, look at other options such as E-How's exercises for a subluxed shoulder, or Dr Tom Balchin's Successful Stroke Survivor.

You might find you can make progress without the NHS. They saved my life three timesand got me walking unaided but my upper arm recovery I did myself.

Take care,


Hi Michael,
Sorry you had a bad experience, I was worried going for mine but phisio said explain I was worried about loosing my hard won progress. As it happened doctor checked arm and leg before deciding just to do fingers muscle that time.
FES, I had a community phisio try it on me before putting me forward for a "permanent" one for leg, had to wait nearly a year but didnt have to pay a penny, all on the NHS.
Sorry your experience wasn't as good.but I I think "nhs sucks" is a little harsh
Take care



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