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Hi this is new to me. I had a small stroke in January , physically I'm ok but my fatigue is bad at the moment ,and I am so up and down with my mood swings. But after reading some of the other posts I don't feel so alone with what I'm going through. It's bad enough having a stroke but Its what you go through after it that is worse.

Hi there. Welcome to the forum. Yes, fatigue is awful. Mine strikes every day at about 12 noon. I go and rest at 1pm for an hour every day. I wish it were otherwise, but I live with it. Every day,however, is a bonus for us survivors. Mood swings are part of the territory as well.

Dear Purple Audra
So sorry to hear about your "small" stroke early this year. I recovered 90% of the physical side very quickly. eg 5 weeks, but the cognitive side has been really bad. My mood swings are not significant, but the SF is never ending. It is essential not to push against the fatigue, this just makes things worse. But there seems no medical help is available, we are left to fend for ourselves. By far and away the best advice and the best tips come from this forum. Real angels pace these pages.
The best I can do is to work out how much I can do before the SF sets in. Not sure this really works because my SF just goes on week after week after week. Smiling helps. Being positive helps. I also keep a stroke diary and I can at least look back and see I am better than last year. I have had two significant improvements, or whooshes as we might call them. The SF did quietly vanish at about 9 months. That was just wonderful. I was alive again. But it came back. Then at about 19 months I had a sudden improvement in my ability to think and do. I make tea for some groups and I could do this by getting two teas at a time. All of a sudden I could do seven or eight. Again that was a great improvement and it was a euphoric day. That improvement has stayed put, so at least I can make tea !

You are spot on. The actual stroke (or stroking as the medics say) isn't bad. Its the aftermath that is everything. I have at last managed to safely drive far enough to get to my local stroke group. I have only been once so far, but to be with other stroke survivors is wonderful.

You are most definitely not alone. Possibly the only SS with purple hair but not alone.

Best wishes


Hi there, I also had a 'small' stroke this March. I cannot believe it has been seven months. Within a week I was well enough to go back to work and commute to London three days a week. My main challenges are; not knowing why I had the stroke. The docs are currently going through a number of things and tomorrow I am having a Reveal device fitted to check to see if I have Atrial fibrillation, it's a process of elimination but I am sure we will get there. My other challenge is the constant body checking, any twinge, tingle or twitch is noted and worried about. I find that if I keep busy, I don't have time to worry so much, then I get tired. Every day I am grateful for the richness of my life, the stroke added another dimension, one I'm still getting used to. The support on this site is invaluable for getting through the challenging days.

Thanks all


Thank you for your reply. Well done on your achievements . Being able to drive does make things easier, I was learning to driving last year I stopped for Xmas & new year then I go & have a stroke. So I didn't drive again til about April/may . I booked my test for the end of July but at the beginning of the month my instructor told me to cancel it, he told me that I can drive, that I know how to use the road & that I'm aware of other cars my problem is holding the clutch still cos there's still a bit of weakness in my left leg. I was ok with that & I still drove my car til the end of July when I found out that I have to re-do my practical test again . And I haven't driven since. My head just won't let me get back in the right place to get it done. But I will get there it's just going to take time. I think this forum is going to help me so much.
Hope you keep getting stronger
Many thanks
Purple audrax

Dear Starlight I hope you are having a good day. I had a Reveal Device fitted years ago now. I kept getting heart problems but all ECGs were normal but I knew something was not right. The reason for the Reveal, I had the implant in for eighteen months and many problems were "revealed" including heart block, SVT, and now I have AF but thankfully it doesn't last too long so living with it at the moment. I do hope your Reveal will help you. You had your stroke about the same time as me. I am much weaker than you and really struggle some days. The pressure and dizziness in my head are the worst and the fatigue but due to this lovely forum I have been helped so much. You appear to be doing very well, try not to worry about things happening. I was like that but I just accept it and go with it. My life has just changed so it's like getting used to a new one all beit slowly. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to improve. Good luck with the Reveal Device. Daisy

Dear Purple
Sorry I missed your reply four days ago.
That's a pain with the driving. If you can build up the strength in your left leg then you should be fine. If not, then you can convert to an automatic car. I would recommend persevering with the manual car if poss, but auto is a fall back. Better than nothing.
I guess you get the "shakes". I get that first thing in the morning plus I get it on the few very bad days. Mine goes away of its own accord.
My driving problem is concentration. Its not the same as pre stroke. My concentration just disintegrates after about 30 minutes. And I would be mad to drive once concentration has collapsed. Luckily I get a few minutes "warning" before that curtain descends.

BTW its lovely that Daisy and Starlight and you are posting. Whereas we can all share our experiences it is good that you have younger females to compare notes.

Best wishes


Hi Colin I am so glad you are on line. I thought you may be resting. I wrote a post a few days ago. As you always seem to make me see sense I had hoped you would see it. I hope you are. By the way my car is automatic but I still can't drive it for other people's safety, because of my weakness and dizziness. Take care Daisy.

Thanks Daisy18. I have had the device fitted and now wait to see if it reveals anything, time will tell. Have a good week!



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