Only aged 44

Hi all I am 44 and suffered a stroke a month ago, lost movement on my left side leg and arm, now returning but very slowly. Has anyone else been through the same or similar. How long can expect my rehabilitation to take?

I was 47 when I had my stroke, and was in hospital for nearly 2 months, having to learn how to walk again.

I was deemed fit enough to work again after 9 months (if had been left to me it would have been 6 months), and now nearly 2 years on I'm physically c.95% what I was previously. Still can't run properly and balance isn't quite there - but overall pretty good.

So in short, rehab won't be overnight by any means, but in my case, perseverance, a smile and a can-do attitude got me to a position that I would have taken with both hands in the days following my stroke.

I was also 47 when I had my stroke in July 2014. I consider myself lucky as I was able to walk a few steps about two days after. I felt nothing down my left side but I could move my legs. I am still in some pain (tingling feeling that hurts) three years later. After reading other people’s stories I have noticed that no two cases are the same so it is hard to say how long rehabilitation will take.
All I would say to you is to recognise at this early stage that having a stroke could change you more than you think.
I am not sure if you have a partner but it would be useful if you both read as much information on stokes as you can and peoples stories on this forum as this will hopefully help you both understand how a stoke may change you. If you both accept what you read it will make thing easier for you and then you can get through anything together.

Also I have kept a positive attitude throughout even though my reply sounds gloomy.
It’s not all bad news and I hope you get your life back to some sort of normal very soon.

Hi Jackson. Firstly, you are a survivor, secondly, you are young compared to me and should recover faster. My stroke was also on my left side and at first I could not stand or walk. I now walk with a stick (which I cling onto for confidence sake) and my arm and hand are usable, but have some way to go. I should alert you to post-stroke fatigue, which you may already experience. Mine hit on day 2 out of hospital and I still need to rest every afternoon. No one knows what causes this, but it seems to be part of the brain’s recovery process. Please work hard at physio and use all your grit and determination to improve. You will get there.



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