Opening hand

Hi all,
Seems a lot of us have problems opening hands.
While my botox and fes threads touch on this I thought a dedicated thread might be more useful.
I think Vinnie mentioned holding a tennis ball but I cant remember the mechanics.
A lady on the upper limb class recently mentioned holding something, then looking away in a certain direction tricks the brain.
Botox lowers the tone but I still cant do it, fes does it by shocking arm nerves to open hand so I know the muscles still work.
All tips and advice welcome.
Thanks and take care all.

Hi Dave, I think my hand issues were different to yours? I think I could open the hand but the fingers closing together to grip etc were stuck almost open, a claw that I struggled to close. lots of physio seemed to help that movement. Is your hand numb ? Mine was and still is. Though it can still feel the sensation of pain.
The stress ball I was given was to squeeze to excercise the fingers to aid grip and move the fingers inward to function if that makes sense.
Though I have the movent in the fingers they feel like they want to resist, feels as though an elastic band is around each one.
Anyway I think your hand issues are different to mine. I don't know anything about the botox and fes stuff sorry. All I'd advise is keep pushing on with the physio etc no matter how frustrating, improvements will come.
Best wishes...vinnie.

My left hand was totally immobile. Couldn't open or close it. 3 wks post stroke in rehab I started electro therpy every day for two solid wks. Hand opened but only on with shock not on its own. 4th week I used mirror box and my hand opened. Not a lot but it opened. Constant work on individual fingers, putty and squeezing balls made all the difference. 6 months and I can now play octaves w my left hand. It's at 80% but I work it every single day. Cooking and lifting weights helps. 20 lbs is about all I can lift right now and had to work up to that.

Just keep at it and try everything you can think of. Oh and be patient.... not my strength but I've had to learn that attribute over and over!


Initially my right hand was quite useless. All it could do was grasp a tissue and that was an important attribute because I needed one regularly to wipe my eyes and mouth. It took three days to learn how to pick it up from the floor if dropped.
Most of the day was spent trying to get the thumb to touch the fingertips. Gradually by a millimeter a time the gap closed. After a week I could start trying to touch other fingers. By three months I could touch them all and could almost do a finger snap!
I bought a pack of three inch nails and every day would hammer four of them into a lump of wood in the garden. Initially it took 55 blows to sink a nail, but before the year was up I could do it in 10. I practiced casting with my fly rod in the driveway to improve not only my hand's grasping ability but also the strength of the shoulder and arm.
Thanks to my design of a plectrum strap I can now play the guitar reasonably well but struggle to manage octaves on the keyboard. The strength is there but the fingers and thumb are not ready yet to bend in the right places.
Talking about strength, my whole body lost about twenty percent of its strength and the right arm even a higher percentage. I have recovered a lot of body strength but am nowhere near my original level.



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