Pressure and dizziness in my head

Hi everyone I am new at this so hope I am doing it right! I had a stroke in March. I had a blood clot digagnosed. My problem and concern is I appear to be getting weaker and constant pressure and dizziness also heaviness in my eyes. I wondered if anyone else had experienced that.

Hi Daisy, Welcome to the form. You will get a lot of support on here. My stroke was 18 months ago and caused by a bleed. I was very weak for a long time, particularly regarding lifting and walking. My left eye felt really heavy for a long time. You do not say what form your weakness takes and whether the heavy feeling in your eye relates to tiredness. Many of us suffer from post stroke fatigue. I still have this and around noon each day I am ready to rest. Looking at computer screens also weakens the eyes and I think I spend too much time on my iPad too. Recovery does take a long time. Good luck on your post stroke journey.

Dear Daisy
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to learn of your stroke.
I call the tiredness "stroke fatigue" or SF. Its not the medical term but it describes our problem better. I believe statistics suggest 50% (?) get SF but I think most of us get it. I had an ischemic right lacunar infarct and I begged the consultant to give me a guess at how long recovery would take. He kindly proffered an informed guess at 3 months. Regret to say this wasn't the case at all. The SF went on for 9 months then just drifted away. Some months ago I started a topic on how to describe our stroke fatigue. Interesting. Fog/treacle/velvet curtain etc. My favourite was "head in a washing machine" Mine felt like pressure over my head. Some dizziness. But I didn't feel weaker after 6 months. I felt a fraction stronger. Many of us have these similar problems, but none of us are the same.
Generally it is desirable to avoid overdoing activity. But also not underdo. You need to listen to your body and try to find a sweet spot. Utterly impossible but we need to do as best we can.
I find a stroke diary invaluable.
Smile a lot. Be positive.
Lots of super people come on this site, I have been given so much advice and many tips.

Best wishes

Hello Colin thank you. So sorry you have felt all the fatigue too it does sound a bit like mine. I suffer from M.E and Fibro so that won't help will it. I just feel bit emotional today as I am unable to do much at all and it's nearly 7 months. Thank you for your good advice to think about myself and maybe rest more. I just thought you had to exercise but I feel exhausted right now. I have some hope now it will slowly lift a bit. I hope you are still making good progress best of luck and thanks again for helping me to sort myself out accept what has happened to me and slow down bit. I hope others on the forum are slowly recovering too, so glad I joined .

Dear Daisy
Tears are common. I never cried...until stroke and then all sorts of things set me off. Its at minimal levels now, cant face a funeral and the odd TV program gets me going but its quite manageable.
If you have the fatigue type of ME then it is so much the same as SF and not sure I would be able to differentiate. I do feel for you, what a double whammy.

I am quite well progressed on the recovery trail, but I don't remember stuff that I used to. So I should have mentioned to you that you also need to keep a balance between mental (SF Cognitive etc) and physical recovery. My physical side was just lightening fast so I concentrated on the mental stuff. Big mistake, I should have kept a balance and continued with the exercise. I was walking a mile and now I struggle to walk 400 yards (meters).

I have had two good successes in the past week. I am a practising Christian and go to church where we often have communion. I haven't dared kneel since stroke, but on Sunday I bit the bullet and knelt. Very wobbly and the rector looked concerned, but I did it. Another step forward. And this morning I was not feeling at my best but I drove for 5 minutes and it was OK so I ended up driving for an hour. Just stopped at two shops on the journey. That's a massive step forward for me.
I like to share the good news not just the bad !
Bless you all

Dizziness. The worst thing. Im 17 months down the line, but its still the same as the early days. Im fine sitting at home, im comfortable, familiar with the surroundings, but go out the front door and the brain has to start working, making sense of the movement, the unfamiliar surroundings, the noise and people speaking and having to process it all and generate a coherent response. of course, just the walking takes a lot of thinking about too. THe fatigue after is there aswell. Noone can see any of this but just say how well you look. Im due to return to some form of work soon and Im not sure I can manage or cope. Physically,I wouldnt say iM getting weaker though, so keep at it..........but we all know its a long slow journey.

Well done Colin. It's strange how our determination will suddenly make us move forward. Some things we think we perceive are not necessarily the reality. Huntspete, returning to work will be difficult, so try and think through what work will demand of you and when you might be able to rest. I'm at one with you regarding the fatigue and it's something that will not yet shift. Physical weakness is always a lingering thought, but we need to look for improvements too. I go to two strength and balance classes and I have noticed recently that my arm and hand are stabilising more. Both classes end with five minutes of seated Tai Chi and the slow arm and hand movements are proving most helpful. Processing information,however, is tiring. Last night I went out for a meal with friends, but found the conversation wearing. It is slow progress, but we must all journey on.

Hello John I have tried to answer your other post but I must have done something wrong! So I hope I get this right. Thank you so much everyone for your post it's really helping me. The dizzinessand the pressure is really bad today and I am trembly and weak so it's a real no no day. Reading your posts have given me hope. I am a bit worried as I can only just walk slowly and my balance is not good. I couldn't think of going to work. It takes me all morning to shower etc. Huntspete I am just like you I can't cope with noise, people even my friends are too much for me to cope with. I am housebound at present. I am unable to watch much tv it all seems too much for me. I get frustrated with myself I think I must take Johns advice and take my time and accept that this is how it right now. I hope you all are having as good a day as possible thank you for helping me x

Dear friends
I find that if I prepare for a task then its not so hard. This is probably because I did the "thinking" before the "act" and that seems the right thing.
Sound was a strange problem for me. Early weeks it was a no no. Then it was OK for several months but no good out and about . I then grasped that it was echoes that did me in. Once I realized that, I could slowly get to grips with it.
I go to relaxation classes. They are not strictly necessary, but the communal group just boosts me along, I do take my hat off to John . going to your various help groups.
Daisy, could you perhaps sit out side ? Before winter sets in it would be a good step forward. And it would chip away against the idea that you are housebound. The walking will come along, just keep trying to do a bit each day. I remember the day I made one of my forays to the outdoors and as I stepped over the threshold I could feel the sole on my right foot. It was magic. Another wonderful event after stroke. Boy that helped with the walking.
Lucky me, I am retired. I couldn't go back to work. But I can make tea for several small group activities. That's a big deal for me and its a contribution to society.
Huntespeat, don't try 5 day weeks at work. Get some part time stuff. Three half days a week would be a huge leap forward, whereas much more might send you in a backward spin. Return to work is a big deal. I hope there is lots of help for you with this one
Keep smiling
Be positive
We aren't alone and we will all progress.

Hi Colin thank you for your help. I will try and get outside on a good day I never thought I would be able to do it. Now I will give it a go. I am lerning so much from you all. Thank you so much. Huntspete do be careful going back to work don't over do it or it may put you back and you don't want that you could try pacing yourself a bit t a time any way hope all goes well for you. Feel tired now must rest. Hope you all have a good nights sleep. X




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