Right arm weakness

Hi all.
I'm 12 months post stroke.
The past couple of days I have been experiencing weakness in my opposite side to when I had my stroke.
It's scaring me so much as I'm thinking perhaps it's the start of another stroke but on the other side.
Any ideas are welcome to ease my anxiety.

It all depends on whether you had the stroke on your dominant side. I am right handed and that was the side affected due to left hemisphere stroke. Consequently, because I started using my left arm more my right arm was partly neglected and is not so strong now. If you are worried see your doctor.

Hi it was my left side that was affected.
My right arm seems to deal will everything just lately.
But cause I have been suffering severely with anxiety I have spent past few days in bed

Its still early days yet. Try and be active. I had a stroke 10 years ago lost the use of right side, speech, sight in right eye, my memory was also affected. I do light exercises I find it helps enormously. Good luck.

Sam, We tend to compensate for weakness in our affected side by using the other side more. That means we overuse the other side and can strain the muscles. I am now trying to improve my weak arm and hand so that I am not over reliant on the better side. Your fear of another stroke must be quite overwhelming, but try not to retreat to bed. Like you, my left side is weak and my partner says the muscle needs building up, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Take care.



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