Second stroke at 91!

HI all - I've just joined as I am struggling with so many things and am looking everywhere for information. My Mum, who is an absolute star, had a stroke in 2015 which robbed her of a lot of sight quadrantanopia?, but she lost no mobility or speech, some mild memory loss but she recovered brilliantly and after the first 6 weeks, almost threw my sister and I out and told us to 'go back home'. Since then she has continued to live on her own, clean, wash & look after herself fabulously, albeit with us helping with shopping and paying/reading bills etc, she even managed to get back to the good old DM crossword every day! Anyway, at the beginning of September this year she had another stroke (more mild) but the effects have been much more devastating for her and for us all, she now has hemianopia, post stroke delirium - just horrible! which has thankfully reduced slightly but leaves her not able to separate the 'dream' from reality and make the confusion and belligerence much worse, she is coming up to 6 weeks in hospital as SS cannot provide reenablement care or early discharge support - they have no availability, so she is written off as 'probably' neeeding longer term care and has to self-fund. They have advised us quite strongly that we should not take on too much, even though I pop in almost everyday and do shopping at weekend we're more than happy to be around more, she is our lovely Mum. She has done the making tea test, which has veered from 3 teabags in one cup to this week a very drinkable cuppa for me! but the kitchen in hospital is unfamiliar and she feels under pressure so although they need to see what she can do its all very stressful and with little sight (basically half an eye!) she is very tearful, short term memory very short and just feels useless and a pest - hospital is not a good place as they just can't / don't spend enough time with her - simply because she can talk and walk to the loo etc they all agree that home is best place, although understand from what I have read that there will be challenges with that - but the care package take so, so long - (and she is stressed and worried about it taking all her money) we are very tempted to just take her home - anyone else done that? Any thoughts from survivors or other people very welcome.



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