Side Effects

For the last couple of years I have noticed that my shirt necks looked quite grubby even after being washed. We overcame the problem by spraying with a pre-wash solution before putting them into the washing machine.
This winter I purchased a goose feathered filled bubble jacket to keep me warm when walking. It is vynal and green in colour, yesterday I noticed that the collar was rather concerningly grubby like my shirt collars. I'm not in a dusty situation and am not working so there is no justification for this dirt. I shower at night and wash daily although my daily wash would be rather like watching a blackbird in a bird-bath with water being splashed everywhere, except where it was needed.
Then the penny dropped, because my hand can no longer cup properly I am losing most of the water before it gets to my neck and the grubbiness on my collars is un-rinsed soap, not dirt.
I have had to resort to a face flannel to improve my ablutions, a device I have always disliked.
This is one of the side effects of a stroke which took a while to sort out.

Love the black bird description!



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