Update on my wife Angela

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Hi All,
Well here we go again! Angela had her brain bleed last November and has been suffering seizures ever since despite the drugs, went for a MRI in August and it showed 2 lesions forward of the original bleed site, went to see a neurosurgeon week last Friday and he advised a biopsy to determine what was going on, Last Tuesday she had the opp but it all went wrong, she suffered a bleed from the biopsy site and lost the use of her right arm and leg again plus some cognitive disfunction this time, not too bad just has a job bringing her thoughts forward, it's been 6 days now and there's still no sign of movement in her right arm, the right leg she can move a little on occasions but only a little, she is very depressed which is worrying me a lot, if only her arm would show some sign I'm sure it would give her some fight, going to see Dr. today as I want to discus her seizure meds, wonder if they impede recovery, bit of a catch twenty two situation though, it's a very emotional time for us both, just didn't expect this, thought she'd be coming home after a night in hospital, life can be cruel.

Dear Pevil
So sorry to hear about the latest set back. You guys don't deserve this.
Reminds me how lucky I am, recovering bit by bit. I have no idea why my paralysis cleared so suddenly, wish the same could happen to Angela. I just woke up with energy flowing through my body and the paralysis was over. Yes it takes forever to get everything moving , but I so understand that if her hand showed a spark then she would make a leap forward. One day perhaps, one day,
Bless you both



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