When will I be ready to return to work?

I had a TIA almost 2 weeks ago. I was very lucky there was no long lasting damage and I came out of hospital after 4 days. I have been thinking about work as it is important to me , the routine of it gives me a buzz and my friendships at work are also very important. But my family & friends etc .. are telling me to slow down and take it easy as they think stress and doing to much was a factor. I am only 43. I know they're making sense but I will have to get ''back to normal'' some time!
I am feeling the fatigue and also still getting headaches.
Everyone tells me to go back when I 'feel ready', goodness knows when that will be?
Can anyone advise? Thanks

Dear Jenny
You have been very unlucky to have a TIA that has laid you that low. I am so sorry to hear of this affliction. There have been others on this forum who have had several weeks of fatigue etc from a TIA.
Hopefully things will ease for you soon. In the meantime you should rest up and give your brain a chance to combat fatigue. When you are fully rested then you might find it better if you do part time, either say two days a week or say mornings only. Your GP has no doubt given a sick note and that is a good guide. If your employer has an OT then talk to them as well.
Being over stressed can do a lot of damage. I swear by relaxation techniques and I go to "classes" to show me how to relax. A TIA can be a warning shot that your body is over stretched. Consider your fitness, diet and sleep patterns.
Best wishes

Hi Jenny I understand this one for about six months I was diagnosed with conversion disorder and following my stroke in July they have chang3d that to TIA I had several stroke like episodes and was off work for 3-5 weeks every time I would always go back once 5e general fatigue had worn off and I felt it was safe to return to work I was lucky and had a very good manager and would go back on a work adjustment plan. And had good support from other members of my team

Hi Jenny
I'm glad to hear you feel getting back to work is important. I too have had the same thoughts and concerns from family and friends as well as the fatigue which has slowly passed to the point it is only occasional now. I think the responsible answer is when you feel ready and your consultant agrees its ok for you to return. that's the way I am approaching it. I have a physical job which probably complicates it further but I hope to be back in a week or two which will be 5 to 6 weeks after my stroke( a small one with no lasting issues thankfully)

Thanks for all the responses. I am at the stage where I'm feeling cautious about another stroke happening but I don't want to rush back to work. Stress was a big factor for all this and work will be ultra busy now esp in the week prior to Xmas which is when I've been given my sick line to. I was thinking leaving it until after Xmas, is there such a thing as taking too long in my recovery?

If i was you i'd just wait until the New Year before returning.
Let the stress of the Xmas work environment pass without you,and give your batteries time for a good recharge.

I had my stroke in January aged 43 and i'm only starting my return next week...three four hour shifts per week until Xmas....i really want to get back,but i'll be outdoors all day in the cold,wearing heavy clothes and boots.
I just hope i can minimise the fatigue,because even now simply mowing the lawn leaves me sore and knackered the following day when the tiredness catches up with me.
Good Luck!

Good luck Wayne
That's a very sensible level to start at. Three short days. I am 23 months and couldn't as yet do a 4 hour day, we are all different.
And Jenny, its better to wait until the new year and then be more likely to cope with your return. Easing back with reduced hours and also 3 or 4 days a week really is desirable. Then perhaps your employer will not expect 100% on your return.
You ideally go back to work when you are ready. I don't think January is being off too long.
I hope your Doctor has given you help with the possibility that a TIA is a warning shot. Please do everything possible to deflect a full stroke.

I had my stroke 2. 5 years ago and when i went back it was on very gradual return. I finally got up to working 3 full days a week in Jan 2016 and have been doing that ever since with a rest day in between. Most of the time it works but can be a struggle occasionally. I can't see me increasing anytime soon due to still getting fatigue albeit it has improved a lot to what it was and i have strict routines to help me manage it.
Rachel x

Hi Jenny, you asked the exact same question that I came on here to ask. I had two TIA's four weeks ago, both initially diagnosed as 'vertigo', I was lucky that a very experienced triage nurse stamped her feet the second time and got a second opinion. I'm still suffering headaches and fatigue, sometimes the body's willing and not the mind and vice versa. Being self employed is a worry, my customers are understanding at the moment but even so a few have asked when I think I'll be up and about. So I know where you're coming from, it was a bit of a shock when it happened and I've been told there's a chance of more to come. GP has been less than helpful and I'm now changing surgeries. Hope it goes well for you. Dave :)

Hi I am 52 and I had a stroke as a result of brain surgery in May. I have mainly balance and walking problems. I am pushing myself to go back to work on the 4th December. Everyone is saying it’s too soon but I need to try for my own sanity. I have improved a lot since May as I couldn’t walk at all. I seem to have reached a certain point and stayed like I am for weeks. Did you find driving again hard? How long did it take to get back behind the wheel? Elaine




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