get 100% healing

Suffering from chronic disease(stroke) is a Terrible Experience that i would not even wish it for my enemy.
it was terrible for my dad ,things where very bad , till i meet a herbal doctor called Dr jabber. I tried to get solution for my dad to no avail,i even tried herbs from some Herbal Doctors by communicating with them but he never received cure.Just about few month ago i saw a recent post of how Dr jabber herbs has cured so many people and that he is a honest man to work with in the procedures on finding a cure. Then i contacted him in trial and the Herbs he Sent me got my dad Cured after two weeks.I am so happy that his is ok advice to the world please don't mind the scientific research and becareful as well, only try and also believe is herbal medicine cause most disease can be cure with is the dr.Solomon email ;

best wishes search to get healing.

Stop peddling this post and leave us alone!

I also note that Dr Solo has now become Dr Jabber. Total nonsense.

Hello perrysmith,

Are these herbs from Dr Solo, Dr Jabber or Dr Solomon?

Two posts, three doctors.

I would say you are in more need of a cure than those of us who are classed as brain damaged, or maybe you've been smoking these 'herbs' too much?

Face it, it's not working - we're not Stupid on this forum.



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