Anger management

Does anyone have any words of advice please? I used to be a very nice agreeable young man and at the moment I'm more of a simmering volcano I'm finding it hard to just chill out , earlier the local boy racer neighbour left his engine running humming away whilst i was in the garden it took me a matter of seconds to become annoyed and after ten minutes of it I was fantasising of violent scenarios of me smashing his silly car with a bat and giving him a good portion aswell. I somehow manage to control myself with the logic I'm overreacting but the effort to stay calm is so draining and upsetting and I feel stupid for getting so annoyed and knowing I never used to be this way, sometimes I just rehearse arguments in my head with people although the confrontation hasn't even happened I get the whole thing planned out!

Joe, After my stroke, I found I had a very short fuse and other people’s quite ordinary behaviour made me boil inside. If I dropped something or failed to do something I once found easy, I would pour out a torrent of abuse. Fortunately, I know this is irrational, so I do not give in to it any more. I shut my mouth and tell myself to stay calm till the mood passes. More than this, I can’t say. I hate feeling angry, but I think this is an element of post stroke frustration. Hopefully, your feelings will calm down. Know how you feel though.

I'm looking to recruit a stroke survivors vigilante group we can go round sorting people out lol

I have a list of people who will be first up against the wall come the revolution.

Joe, certainly don't act on any of these angry moments, count to 10 take deep breaths,
Then either walk away from the situation or get the flamethrower out.
No seriously, increase your excercise, and or try yoga or a mindfullnes therapy course.
Possibly many of us have been through irritable phases during post stroke journeys.
None of us here want to read the headlines:
Boy racer has baseball bat removed from orrifice
After stroke survivor gets irritated.

Cheers and good health,

Gotta agree with you about the short fuse, I have always been fairly quick to anger but since the stroke this has worsened and I have to take care to keep it under control. Only last week I had to be controlled by my wife when ready to give fisticuffs to a dumb neighbour who won't be told that I don't want my mail picked up from the community box and brought to my flat.
Just to explain, here in New Zealand mail is delivered to a box at the end of one's garden, not right to the door as in UK!



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