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Hi I’m Paula aged 30 and I very recently had a stroke Friday 29th Dec , I was very lucky and was completed treated within an hour and half of on set . I have lost the strength in my right leg and arm also unable to control left side of face with eight side dropped . Memory is alright accept when tired which seems to be a lot with a deep sleep needed.
Really I’m just in shock and feeling sacred etc just wanted someone to talk to . Thanks for listening x

Dear Paula
So very sorry to learn of your stroke. This forum helped me so much in the early months. So many tips and ideas. You are alive so someone is definitely on your side, many do not survive.
Your brain has been damaged. It is an amazing part of your body and it will try and work around the dead bits. But this will make you very tired indeed. Don't fight it. Let the brain mend itself. Sleep as much as you want. Some of us slept 22 hours a day. I slept about 12 or 14 hours a day. at first. This reduces over a few weeks. Also your brain will be boiling at the moment, make sure you keep hydrated. The brain does not feel pain so it doesn't really tell you that you need water. So give it the water. I know the endless need for the loo is a nuisance but it will help you recover.
You do not say whether you are in hospital or at home with a care team visiting or are you just home alone. I imagine you are in hospital. What a start to 2018.
I hope you are in a stroke unit ward. Do comply with the physios advice. I did the exercises three times over and I was home on day 5. I couldn't understand why my fellow patients didn't do the simple exercises. Your recovery in the first, say, six weeks is very fast and we need to take advantage of that.
At your stage I was paralysed big time. I could use my right hand I could just about speak, wasn't allowed to move and had restraining bars. Then I had this amazing miracle and on day 3 I got up and walked. Day 5 I was passed as medically fit and given early discharge. A team of medical people visited me at home week days for 6 weeks. My wife was willing and able and I do live in ideal circumstances, a bungalow with low thresholds and a bathroom immediately next to my bedroom. But you can note how fast the medical recovery can happen. OK you then have a lot of rehab, a lot of rehab.
Your emotions will be all over the place.
You may well have aphasia (trouble with speech and/or language). That will ease over time.
Do ask anything. Someone on the forum will no doubt answer.
Or just chat.
Try to smile.
Think what you can do, not what you can not, ie be positive.
Lots of us are here for you, you are not alone
Best wishes

Paula. So sorry to hear of your stroke at such a young age. You are in the very, very earliest of days. With medication, physio and perhaps a change in lifestyle you should recover well. I am 74 and my stroke was 21 months ago. I did not lose my speech and only had the slightest face droop. However, I had left side weakness and had to learn to walk again. My left arm and hand are still a little unstable.most of us get post stroke fatigue, but that is something we learn to live with. I am sure things will get better for you.

Hi Paula, so sorry to hear about your stroke. I’m 37 and had a stroke 4 months ago. Physically I am pretty much entirely recovered, it’s mentally where I’m struggling. I have been diagnosed with depression and have just started taking tablets to helps with that. They’re mild but brutal, make me feel sick and currently even worse but I’m only on day 3 of taking them. My advice is rest. Drink water and rest regularly. Needn’t be for long periods. I cry. A lot. I have young children so try desperately to keep it all away from them but that is hard too. Find someone you can talk to. I have a husband but can’t talk to him entirely about it all as he’s currently holding everyone and everything together.
Take whatever help is offered to you. I was sent home with a bag of pills and that’s it. I’m now (still) struggling to find the help I need.
Good luck.
Use this forum. It really helps x

Hello Paula, so pleased you found this forum, I am so glad I did. I really feel for you having a stroke so young. I had my stroke last February and was very scared and felt so alone with it all. I am slowly recovering but the SF (stroke Fatigue) really effects me, and I am very emotional, I still cry at anything it just happens. I just wanted to say you are not alone now and I agree with everything the above posts have told you, their advice is so good. Take one day at a time. Wish you all the best. Daisy



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