Haunted by fear of recurrent stroke

I'm 22 and had a stroke last year in November, I was lucky enough that I only have a small amount of brain cell damage & I made a speedy recovery within a week, despite this I can't shake the feeling that my second stroke is preordained now and I'm just waiting for it to happen.

I've made efforts to prevent this of course (I've lost 3 stone and have been trying to do exercise at least twice a week) but my work has me sitting down for long hours & I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer. I'd like to ask other stroke survivors if they ever feel dread when thinking about the future and how they cope and get on with their lives?

Dear Fafa
Most of us get a fear of a second stroke. It can be a severe fear. My belief is that instinct is kicking in, the brain does not like being attacked and so it reacts as it knows how....flight or fight.

My irrational fear went away over a few weeks. I remind myself that the stroke didn't hurt, it was all over before I even knew what was happening. The recovery is slow but the stroking was pretty instant.

You have sensibly lost weight and been exercising. Maybe you could increase the exercise to 3 or more times a week. It neednt be high power exercise, just stuff to keep your flexibility going.

I do not have dread of the future nor coping with the aspects of getting on with my new life. I do find the "new life" incredibly hard to handle. And this isn't discussed much. Its probably the hardest bit of recovery. I have however accepted that I am not the same person as before stroke. I am trying to "fit in" but its harder than might be imagined. I am an FCA and people expect me to be of a certain nature. But I can not do any tax or pension work nor anything like it. Quite honestly, the only good friends I now have are those who did not know me pre stroke.
I couldn't possibly handle a full day at work, but you can and that's a mega achievement.
We have both been chosen to live through a stroke, when so many do not survive. Perhaps we need to steer ourselves in new directions, to find just what we are here for.

Good luck and best wishes

Everyday I fear another stroke.
Mine was 12 months ago. It's hit me real hard.
Every twinge. Every headache. Every pain gets me so stressed that here it comes again.
U are not alone.
But the stroke survivors on here are brilliant.
You can ask them anything and they will all help the best way they can.
Hope you feel better soon.
Take care.
Sam x

I think about having another stroke every day and I've also got it in my head that even if I do somehow hang on for a few years I'll get really bad dementia due to my brain damage? Not sure why I think that but that is the conclusion I've come up with

You need to try and rest.
My stress takes over big time and it's making me really bad so please don't stress.
Did they say what caused your stroke etc
Sam x

I barely slept a wink last night for worrying about one thing or another I even got changed and went for a walk at 1.30am it was nice and peaceful and tired me out for a bit but I woke again at 4 :-( exhausted today

These worries are understandable and fairly common. At 73, I have learned to live for today and, health wise, do all I can to stay calm and stress free. I go to one exercise class specifically for stroke survivors and we are all in various stages of recovery. There we manage to laugh together, especially when asked if we are feeling energetic. Worrying about the future is often futile, because we do not know what lies ahead. Some stroke survivors try to avert their fears by taking to drink, others may have to live with their fears. Most of what I feared earlier in life never happened. I never ever contemplated having a stroke,however,....then I did. Onwards and upwards everyone!

I am 59 and nearly 17 months post stroke.
I am back at work part time and yes some days it is really difficult. I find when I get over tired or sucumb to other illness a cold etc Things go down really quickly lol
I try to stay healthy go out and eat well
But yes even 17 months on I still get the odd sleepless night worrying and then feel rubbish for a few days I too have had the late night walk
It doesn’t help that I had a heart attack 6 years ago and I have para thyroid problems and ostoeporisis omg I sound a walking disaster lol
We are all lucky to be here and worrying is natural at some point
Take care and be kind to yourself

Hi you are not on your own with the thought of another stroke. I also feel as you do do. I am feeling very fatigued today so I start thinking the worst. However I realise my life has change since the stroke and may never be quite the same again so I am trying to rest. I have learnt to take one day at a time doing anything that I can cope with when it's too much then I rest. Hoping that will help my brain heal. You seem to be doing very well try and stop worrying as that will cause you stress. None of us no what lies ahead so enjoy the moment. That is what I am trying to do now. I wish you all the best keep positive Daisy

Hi All, I understand only too well your fears of another stroke, having myself suffered a second stroke three months after the first one. That was 13 months ago and despite lots of tests it's not known why the 2nd one occured. But I'm battling on and doing things I didn't dream I could such as driving my little old automatic car (local only), and doing some simple swimming. I still walk with a pronounced limp, and get a lot of dizzyness but I'm grateful for what I've got. That doesn't mean I'm not impatient and bad tempered sometimes, but I think we're entitled to that. I'm wishing you all well, and it's very comforting to connect with people who understand.




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