Life after a TIA

Im a 29year old female who suffered a mini stroke at the start of the Month 2/10/17, ive been put on clopidogrel and simvastatin by the hospital and signed off from work by my doctor untill end of the month, ive had a mri, ct scan and awaiting a echocardiogram and 48hr ecg, i feel very tired and seem to only be able to be up and about on my feet for a certain amount of time before my head starts to feel funny sort of fuzzy and makes me feel not normal. Is that a normal thing to be feeling after a TIA. I have a follow up appointment at the TIA clinic at the end of November but im wondering if i should see about getting signed off for work untill ive had that appointment, i work in a busy shop where im on my feet all day if i cant even manage to walk around a supermarket for half hour without feeling funny what hope have i got of running a shop.

Hi ya Sorry to hear what you're going through.... bless you. I would definitely speak with your doctor. What you describe sounds like stroke fatigue which is very common after a stroke. The general understanding of TIA/ mini stroke is that the symptoms disappear within 24hours. I believe people need to be re-educated to understand that is not the case. From speaking with others and my own experience of having both a stroke and TIAs, the symptoms i had with the first TIA were more stroke like than with my original stroke and the symptoms lasted about a week. I also felt more lethargic and washed out on top of the tiredness/fatigue i was already having for quite a while.
Don't suffer, speak to your GP.
Rachel x



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