Treatment plan

Can anyone give me an idea of what a treatment plan would be? I had my stroke 10 August, been advised I have a leision on the left side of my brain. But, I don't see my Stroke Consultant until 2 November. My GP has referred my for some Physio, but I'd like some idea if other stuff I should be doing to help me improve.

Dear ScouseB
Sorry to learn that you had a stroke. I have no knowledge at all on leisions, but you appear to have had a stroke on the left side of your brain.
I would recommend you get a copy of your diagnosis. Your GP surgery should provide this to you, no need to see a doctor, the staff should help. And whilst doing that, they will be able to give you leaflets and contacts for any help groups local to you.
There are two areas to deal with. The physical side and the cognitive side. The physical side is easier to deal with because you can see whats wrong and so can others. I suggest you keep physically active, doing a little every day, and hope the physio will turn up soon so he can advise you what is needed to build on. Perhaps a gentle walk, increasing each few days, would be a start. And just move every digit and every limb. You want to get your brain to reconnect with all muscles.
The cognitive side is more difficult. If you get tired, then it is best not to "fight it". When tired you should rest. When you are not tired then read, do hobbies, crosswords, puzzles etc. What ever you feel able to do. But don't overdo the cognitive stuff.
Going back to work should not be rushed. Your GP should sign you a sick note etc.
It seems to me that returning to work within nine months often leads to set backs. Maybe you are the exception and can go sooner. It would be very helpful to start part time. If your company has an OT or HR people, then talk to them.
There is so much to learn, so by all means ask whatever is troubling you. Lots of us are here to share experiences.

Hi Colin, many thanks for the information. I have been back to my GP and they don't have any information that they can give me. All they can advise is that I have a "weakness on my right side, under investigation." They have written to my consultant for further information, however I am not hopefully as when I first saw the stroke team and asked about work. They advised I would be alright retuning to 12 hour night shifts. Through talking to work and my GP I am now on reduced hours. To be honest, I have done a lot of stuff myself, chasing Physio getting my GP involved in getting more information from the stroke team. I just find it very frustrating!!!!!!!

Dear ScouseB
There is a general requirement to do everything ourselves because there is so little support for stroke survivors. However, many of us do get good or even excellent help during the first 6 to 8 weeks. Longer for the badly disabled. You seem to have been left out from this initial good help. You were presumably admitted to hospital. If so, then the hospital will, on your discharge, write to your GP and you are entitled to a copy. In fact the hospital sent a copy direct to me, but some have to ask.
I have found this copy letter of great assistance and would be lost without it.

Frustration is a common thread. The recovery process is so slow. I think of two weeks as a long time to be off sick. I was once off for six weeks and it seemed a lifetime. But stroke recovery is measured in months and years. I am so lucky to be retired and not have the battle at the workplace.

Then there is the fact that no two strokes are the same. And the fact that the NHS is hopelessly underfunded for what it is attempting to do.

We need to remind ourselves we are the lucky ones. We are both walking, talking and alive. Most do not get this far.

Left out doesn't come close to how I feel!!! The Stoke Association have been fantastic and I have got a ton of information from them, plus some telephone help from the MCR coordinator. But I'll have to push on myself. Thanks for the info though, good to hear of others experiences.



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