Falls after stroke

Can you help us to find a better way to manage falls?

Falls are a significant issue for some people affected by stroke. We want to find a better way to manage falls and falling. We are looking for volunteers to help us to find out the causes, impact and meaning of falls for people with stroke. This will underpin future research to develop an effective falls management program for individuals who have had a stroke.

Through a series of focus groups, we aim to combine scientific evidence that has already been published with the views of people affected by stroke, health professionals and commissioners of services.

Being involved in this project will entail attending one focus group lasting approx. 60-90 minutes. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their experience of falls, the impact falls have on daily life and to explore solutions to how falls could be minimised.

Meetings will be held in Plymouth.

If you have had a stroke and are interested in this project, we would be keen to hear from you. You are able to take part in the study regardless of whether you fall or not.

This project is being run by Danielle Morby as part of an MSc in Advanced Professional Practice of Neurological Physiotherapy at Plymouth University. Further information is available from Hilary Gunn (independent researcher) on 01752 588825 or email: Danielle.morby@students.plymouth.ac.uk



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