Perception through vision, hearing, and touch after a stroke

We are Arianna Zuanazzi and Ambra Ferrari, currently PhD students of Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham.
After a stroke, some people experience difficulties noticing and perceiving stimuli on one side of their body or environment. These people can be diagnosed with neglect or hemianopia.
In our research, we investigate the difficulties experienced by individuals after a stroke when perceiving images, sounds, and/or physical contact from different spatial areas. Further, we investigate the underlying brain mechanisms.
Our research aims to help improve future diagnosis and therapy of neglect and hemianopia.
We are looking for volunteers (40 – 90 years old) to participate in our research. Volunteers will take part in simple pen and paper tests and computer games. They also have the option to undergo a MRI brain scan. Volunteers are reimbursed for taking part and may receive information regarding the tests and a summary of our findings, if interested. All participants’ information will be kept confidential.
If you are a person who has:
• perceptual or attentional difficulties following a stroke or
• been diagnosed with NEGLECT (and/or EXTINCTION) or HEMIANOPIA
and would like to participate in our research, or would simply like more information, please contact:
Arianna Zuanazzi:
Phone: 0121 414 5637 / 07516126626

Ambra Ferrari:
Phone: 0121 414 46032

Prof Uta Noppeney:

Computational Cognitive Neuroimaging group
School of Psychology
The University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT
United Kingdom

Thank you for your time.



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