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I am currently in my first year as a student at King Edward VI College. As part of my A-Level choices I have decided to do an EPQ or 'Extended Project Qualification'. For this I have to come up with a topic to research, write a dissertation and give a presentation on this topic. I have chosen a topic of "Strokes in Young People". This is a subject very close to my heart as my mum is a three time young stroke survivor. I feel that many people do not understand the impact that strokes have on young people and actually how common it is. As part of my research I am looking for individual experiences and the impact that it has had on both those who suffered and their families. If anyone is willing to share their story with me it would be extremely useful. If you are part of any other groups that may be able to help me it would be much appreciated if you could share my post. Please message me directly if you are willing to share your experiences or, if you have any questions. Thank you

I would be happy to share my experience but don't fit in the young category! Wondered if you have seen this website A friend sent it to me after I had my stroke.

Hi, thank you so much for responding to me. I would really love to hear your story. I will private message you now.

hi i have just had a stroke 8 wks ago age 45 am a self employed roofer very fit, ended up jarring my neck at work which caused a stroke, i lost my speech,paralysed my right hand side, i was in rehab for 4 wks, i am doing well i have had to learn to walk again i,m finding gettin over the stroke the easy part trying to get financial help a nightmare as being selfemployed,they expect me to be at home 6 mnths ? it,s looking like my insurance are not gonna pay ? as i collapsed at home, at the moment i feel my world has stopped but nothing has around me , outgoings etc, i hope this is some help?? thanks graham

I had 2 strokes in 2013 at the age of 58. I would be more than happy to share my experience of this and how it has been since then.


Hi I had a stroke in April 2014, at age 39, I had 3 small clots affecting my left side.
Are you still interested ?



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