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My name is Anna Hampton-Reed and I'm a second year Product Design student at Brighton University.
I am currently working on a project to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors and their families or carers, specifically those with affected with aphasia.
To gain a true and thorough understanding of this specialist area, I am in need of a bit of help. I am looking for volunteers to help with valuable first hand research from anyone who is currently affected by condition. Any participant is welcome, even if you haven't been directly affected, it would still be much appreciated.
My research would be concentrated on the emotions, frustrations and the everyday problems involved with aphasia and those around them, with the aim of improving the lives of all involved.
For more information on the research, or my project, you can email me at:

Anna please find here a letter I sent to interested parties recently. If it interests you and you feel I am the kind of person you are looking for I will be pleased to attend/ help. Simon.
ME. I am Simon Payne a survivor of a malignant  brain cancer and a stroke 10 years ago which left me with paralysis of my left side , recently I was introduced to Hector Wells (WellsBeing)who has achieved more in terms of my mobility in 5-1 hour sessions than all other conventional methods in 10 years.

MY OBJECTIVE HERE.  To inform and  raise awareness to parties who should be interested in Hectors techniques and methods that are enabling huge benefits to be enjoyed by me  and to  encourage/secure formal recognition from professional  bodies that will speed up the progress for millions of other survivors in the UK whilst delivering significant savings to the NHS both now and ongoing.

Hector is not aware that I am doing this and I have no financial interest or shares in his work, just a desire to help others with significant mobility issues as quickly as possible.

CURRENT POSITION.  After 5 consultations I have noticed the following improvements in myself,

-my knee, ankle and toes reducing drop foot  impact
- have new flexibility allowing me to walk with a stick and I no longer require to wear a splint.
- greater energy.
- require less sleep
-reduced fatigue.
-I no longer require an operation which was scheduled to straighten a toe which was rigid and impaired my ability to walk without pain.
-I feel more active than I have for 10 years.
-my body feels lighter and feels less restricted.
-I now realise just how much energy I was using to achieve very little.
-other minor issues have gone away
-greater confidence to move around

I intend to visit Hector until December.

THE ACID TEST  .For the period 17th December to 21st April I will be in Lanzarote for rehabilitation and will have no contact with Hector. On my return I will be able to report on the effectiveness and longevity of my mobility and general health. Hector frequently videos me after our sessions to record for me how I am changing.Before being introduced  to Hector I had been attending a gym with Peter Rumbold  Who was/is helping me strengthen my arm and leg in order to lose no more strength than I already had through inactivity.Peter has also vidio'd me several  times to show me where I could do better. It is my intention to get either Hector or Peter to dovetail both pieces of video together and give me a single CD showing my journey from wheelchair to where ever I am at that time.I shall of course have a clear separation between each piece of activity. I hope that you will all want to see this  evidence of what can be achieved outside the normal conventional methods when initiative and out of the box thinking are employed.This is of course how breakthroughs have been discovered in so many fields.
I am determined to recover as much of my mobility as possible and my time in Lanzarote has come about as I realised at home in the UK during the winter I am a prisoner in my own home because of the cold/wet/icy/snowy conditions. In the Canaries I am able to exercise in the pool and walk daily.
I know little of why Hector and his techniques achieve such great results, I just know that he is transforming my life so effectively.I also know of 2 other stroke survivors who have had significant improvements in mobility following visits to Hector who I am sure will endorse what I have recorded here.

I list here a few of the financial savings that I can see being delivered through the extended  use of these techniques.

-reduced time physio therapists
-reduced time orthotics specialists
 -reduced need for manufacture and provision of splints etc.
-less Gp involvement.
-reduced medication provision.
 -less need for hospital visits /stays.
-reduction in benefits. Disability living allowances etc.
- capable people returning to paid employment.
-many more
I do not have the information nor the skills to put costs to these and I am sure many more savings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope your consciences motivate you all to take a serious investigation into this opportunity to improve the lives of your fellow human beings. Should you wish to contact me 01675464766 or Peter Rumbold ARNI Trainer 07738599652 Hector Wells 01295265267


S.J.PAYNE (simon)


during my discussions with Hector I am aware that he has a desire to train/coach/mentor/develop other specialists in his techniques. There are many facilities that could host events of this nature and possibly to present evidence to groups such as yourselves. However, if it were possible to use the stroke association hub at Bromsgrove for these purposes they and he would share in the cretit for results achieved.



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