Carotid artery dissection

I am wondering what side effects anyone else is having after a carotid artery dissection. I have constant ringing in my ears, headaches, feelings of disconnection and blurred vision. My doctors tell me I am fine and these are normal after effects. However, it does not feel normal! Is there anyone out there experiencing this?

Everyone's symptoms vary, if you are on Facebook, join the carotid artery dissection support group. Lots of people to compare notes with...some have had strokes associated, some not

All the above plus dizziness, ear ache and neck ache.

I hope yours (and mine) subside soon as it's very annoying!

And W1bbler got me onto the Facebook groups and they're very good. I even managed to find some other folks with triple dissections like me. It's nice to be able to chat to people who have already travelled the path.


Hi, I suffered a carotid artery dissection after wretching from a sickness bug and 10 days later suffered a stroke. I am now 18 months down the line of recovery and still suffer from headaches fatigue and a hung over feeling which gets worse if I try and do too much in one day. Sensitivity to noise and concentrating in noisy environments can also be a problem. As already said people can experience different things but it's comforting to know there are others out there feeling the same
Hope it gets better for you soon



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