I think today (or somewhere near it) is the first complete year since Colin's stroke. Always a great milestone - congratulations Colin!

You've helped a lot of people on this website with your kind and practical advice.

I just wanted to say thank you and mark the anniversary.

I would echo those thoughts entirely.

I reach my "anniversary" next week, and Colin's comments (amongst other - including Kevin''s) have been invaluable

Dear Kevin
Thank you for your kind words. And fancy you recalling my anniversary !

To Cliff and any other December 2015 attacks. I did find the anniversary poignant. Pleased to be a few days on and its a good opportunity to rethink my therapy and start the fresh year.

Can I share something with you all. On this day last year I was paralysed. Couldn't sit myself up nor turn over. Just had the use of my right hand. Confined to bed. But I awoke and things had in an instant changed. I stood and then walked out the ward. What a miraculous event. Recoveries do happen. Plus, other things have slowly improved and continue to improve. My guardian angels, especially Kevin, gave invaluable advice to help me with improvements.

God bless you all


All the very best to Colin well done

I must add my congratulations to you. I must have misread the date on your early contributions, I thought you were two years post stroke and now I find you are only one year. All strokes are different but to you having moved from almost complete paralysis to the amount of movement you are capable of today must have seemed nothing short of miraculous.
I must admire the fact that right from the beginning you were on the forum to help other people rather than seek help for yourself.

Colin.. I say here here to Deighs words and if I may add,.....well done mate....
The anniversarys I find can be poignant time.
I see mine as a new birthday. I've recently had my 4th....though it's a mixed emotion time...the loss of a self of the past but
The new person....a survivor..
I know from you're posts you always seem to come across as a wise,articulate..Chap with a big heart and soul,as Deigh says you are often there guiding and offering words of wisdom to others even though you were not it turns out, too long into your survivor journey ...I doff my cap to you sir.
1 year in as a survivor is still a short time on..
Im fairly sure you will still notice furtherimprovements to yourself,
During 2017 and beyond. Remapping of brain and small physical improvements I'm sure will update us this time next year please.
Plus do continue your posts of advice to
Other new survivors. us too.
As many of us here know,in the early days, weeks, months, we are in this new post stroke world of confusion and bewilderment. . medical advice can be a mixed bag during that period. Some of the best words of advice etc can come from those that have been there and have the t~shirt.
May I say from myself and others here
I/We applaud you...all the very best sir.



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