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Hi everyone,

My name is Caroline, and I'm the head of marketing and digital at the Stroke Association.  My team and I have been working on the website development project and we're delighted to bring you this new, updated version of TalkStroke.  We'd love to hear what you think of it, so please feel free to comment on this topic or drop us a line at

Best wishes,

Caroline Reid

Hi Caroline, I can work the website! That means big pats on the back to all of you! Slightly worrying that Matt looks about 15 in his photo - does the Stroke Association cut costs by using child labour?! Great job - well done!

Ha ha, I can confirm that I am much older older than 15! 

Thanks for the big pats on the back. It's much appreciated. But thank you for all your support.

If you, or anyone else, does spot any issues with the site, whether that be broken links or is unsure how things work, please do get in touch as we're very keen to make sure is as great as it can be.

Please respond via TalkStroke or write an email to

Many thanks


Thank you Paula! We're delighted to have it live :)

Potentially a fantastic forum for stroke victims and their carers - well done! Peter

Thanks, Peter, for that really positive feedback. We hope lots of stroke survivors and other people affected by stroke will be able to find support and information here.

Best wishes,


Hi Caroline,
I've just realised that I miss the box on the home page that summarises recent posts - I used to check there to see if I've read the most recent post or not. Now I scroll down and click through, which I guess isn't hard work in the grand scheme of things, but might people miss TalkStroke because the posts aren't on the home page??

Hi Paula,

Thanks for that feedback - we'll add that to the list of considerations for our next phase of development.  It'd be interesting to know how the rest of our users feel about that box - does anyone else have any thoughts on having summaries of activity on TalkStroke on the homepage?



If you are still accepting feedback, I would really appreciate a forum search function!

Is this a UK site?




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