Headaches everyday 2 weeks after having a stroke

Help and advice please .. My partner suffered a stroke 2 weeks ago due to a blood clot he is mobile it has affected his speech mildly, moods and now Headaches which are for the last 2 days.. I am concerned as the headaches he had prior to having a stroke any advice pls !!

I'm probably the wrong person to reapond as I had a series of strokes, but I had headaches throughout and since. The people on the stroke ward when I was there did not seem to find it surprising that I was suffering from constant headaches and didn't seem to think it was particularly worrying. Because they weren't worried I've assumed it's quite common.

If you're worried, always seek advice. You always know yourself/your partner best and it's best to get things checked out if you are concerned.

Particularly if he didn't have them at the beginning of his recovery, and particularly if he had them prior to his stroke.

You will be the best judge of if they're severe enough to take to the hospital or if they're mild enough to book a GP appointment.

Thankyou very much for replying, he is going to get checked out for sure I am worried .

Dear Ash
Sorry to learn that your partner has suffered a stroke.
Thats a good speedy recovery on the mobility front. I wonder what his diagnosis was .
Two things that might reassure you...
The brain does not feel pain. (no I cant fathom why we get headaches,)
and no two strokes are the same.
Partner needs to monitor his sleep, ensuring he gets enough, and to consider his medications.
The brain is working overtime to rewire around the damage and hydration is important.
But the advice to check things out with the doctor is of course the most important bit.
Best wishes



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