I am surprised on how few people enter information about themselves behind their picture. I find the info there gives an insight into the writer and fills in the gaps in the actual letter. I would like the administration to advise all new members to take advantage of this extraordinary facility.

Hi Deign
Agree with you!
It also helps to give and recieve info/support if you can see who is posting!

John & Sue

Totally agree. I have a bit of sympathy for the newbies. The site is not that easy to negotiate. And if you are the stroke survivor you know how difficult anything is at first. Anyone reading this, please note you can go back and add to your bio at any time.

I'd like to add that it is nice but not essential to add your photo. This can be a tricky procedure if you are not familiar with computers.

Yes I totally agree with you that for some reason it is much easyer to chat to someone that has a picture than someone who does not. and although I myelf am computer literate I can agree with you that if youarnt computer literate then adding a picture can lead to some difficulty,




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