Thanks for the prompt action

Just to say thanks to the moderators/administrators of this forum for what i assume to be action following my email of complaint today about the endless postings in Korean/Fillipino language. It's a great relief to see that the postings have been removed. Hopefully we can now carry on using for the forum for the purpose for which it is intended.

So sad to see that the unwanted messages are back, this is getting beyond a joke! :-(

I couldn't understand what is happening on this forum. I've never seen writing like that before,thought it was somebody mucking around. Hope you're well Rachel. Went to Paris disneyworld last week with some of my grandkids. It was very tiring and I ended up with a cold and cough when I got back. That was the 1st time I have been on a plane since my stroke. It did worry me a bit cause I thought I wouldn't be able to go abroad again especially on a plane. June.

Hi June thanks for the message. I was annoyed at seeing all those messages it was wasn't possilble for them to be genuine given how many there were. I tried translating the messages and they made absolutely no sense. All i managed to decipher was that the language was a mixture of Korean and Fillipino. Rather than using the report button on everyone, i sent an email to the admin/information team reporting the lot, stating that it was likely that people's posts would get missed and put people off posting who genuinely needed support. Well done on your trip sorry you found it tiring, and ended up with the cold. :-( I'd say it's a massive achievement though June; hopefully next time you go abroad you'll be able to do something a bit more relaxing. xxx

I think so Rachel. If I go abroad again it would nice relaxing holiday. Not sure if I would be too happy being on a plane for 3 hours or more. I can't understand people trying to upset a forum where people need help. Hope you are doing well. June x



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