Website forum needs improvement

Very disappointed to see that this new forum is so limited - this new version still lacks many of the basic features of the previous forum.
Stroke survivors and their relatives need to be able to find information quickly and easily, yet there is still not even a basic search function on here.
(The MS Society and Arthritis Care are just two examples of forums which provide a far better forum system).
Looking at the charity accounts it suggests that IT spending was in excess of £620,000 in the last financial year - so the money is obviously there to spend a few thousand on an off-the-shelf forum software package, which would be far more powerful and cheap to maintain.
Actually I have just noticed that there is just this sort of forum at - though as the Stroke Association is meant to be the main charity for this medical condition people would come here first.

I like being on the forum but it's quite poor to use and I seem to have trouble logging in quite often.

Hi Joe,
Thanks for responding. Yes, I think that forums can be great for building a community of like-minded individuals from all parts of the country, and I can see that there are a number of regular visitors here who can get to know each other and support each other.

I think the other benefit of a forum is for research on urgent issues - for example if a doctor is advising 'X' but you want to know if 'Y' is better. That's when you need a forum which is easy to search and categorise, and that is where this forum has a problem (it was much easier on the less 'cute' older forum).

You are absolutely correct about the various logging in issues, which I and other users have experienced as well. I remember that the new site seemed to be very delayed in opening (and I see that the staff member who was responsible for Digital has left for Australia) so probably various things are not quite finished.

I do find it odd that, given the importance of online information exchange, the S.A. don't seem to be carrying out ongoing improvements to the site.

That was what my original post was meant to ask about.

The site does need a bit of 'tweaking'. I'd like to see the restriction of limiting contributions extended to infinite. I'd also like to see more information on the use of the avatar box to encourage people to use it. It is a great help to click this box and find the background of the correspondent.
I have no problems logging on to the site.

First world problems eh?



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