Young(ER) survivors

I have been following a few threads and like some of you on here I get the frustration.
As a 39 year old I spend most of my time in rehab and physio centres with the more mature.
Yes I have learnt a great deal from these people and admire the fight and determination many still have-despite one patient being back at the starting point after having his devours stoke five years after recovering from his first.
The physio teams do need s little one to realise your goals are different from their avaeragevoatient.
Take a lot of patients and determination to hammer home that walking to the corner shop just won't cut it for an 8 week goal. -achieved by week two with the help of a hand walk to rest on at the half way point.
Getting on and off the bus is ok at the start but really you want to be driving and going back to your old hobbies.
Luckily with a bit of time and team work they got it-my delight that they would meet me at the local pool for a swim was huge not only did I get a lie in ( no two hours and three buses to physio) but I was good no havecthevreadsurance and not have to be the responsible adult.
They drew the lune with horse riding but I am a determined and resourceful person. Like learning to walk again. Where I was once jumping and competing-I am very much a beginner again.
There is also the mine field of going back to work to contend with and driving.
I agree with many on here that the support is gauged more towards the older generation in many areas. Luckily it sadly where I am young strokes are on the increase so there is more sign posting but I is still a maze to battle through to get the support and guidance you need



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