Our aspirations for the future are strongly motivated by the fact that in the UK, stroke is not given the priority it deserves based on its prevalence and the devastating impact it has on people’s lives. Therefore, our long-term goal is to substantially increase the positive impact we make for people affected by stroke.

Grow our influence

We will actively support the implementation of the National Stroke Plan for England, working with key partners to help shape and influence their commissioning and stroke pathway plans. We will continue to push for equivalent plans in the other UK nations. We will also invest in raising public awareness of the Stroke Association, the vital role we play in supporting people affected by stroke, and how people can support our work.

Grow our income

We want to engage more of the 17 million people who have been affected my stroke in some way, encouraging them to support our work with stroke survivors, especially through regular giving. We will consolidate our portfolio of fundraising activities, scaling up the best of these to improve the overall return on investment. We will begin to explore innovative new approaches for fundraising in the community. 

Grow our support

We will develop and test innovative new models of stroke support for the future designed to address currently unmet needs. We will continue to develop and promote My Stroke Guide, showing users which kinds of features are most valuable and how the site can better support their needs.

We will continue to scale up the hugely important work of our volunteers, which will include piloting and extending new forms of support to hard-to-reach communities. We will invest more in improving our support for volunteers, including the piloting of digital data capture, better processes, improved online resources and ongoing evaluations of volunteer satisfaction and impact.

Transform our engagement

As a prerequisite to growing and strengthening our work through more effective and strategic partnerships with others, we will develop an organisation-wide approach for engaging with our stakeholders, supported by a suitable relationship management system.

Change how we work

To support the growth we seek, we will employ a more collaborative approach to the creation of a new 2019 corporate strategy, and our leadership programme for executive, senior and middle managers.

We will prioritise compliance and extend legislation and regulatory frameworks and good governance. We will strengthen our governance of corporate change programmes to improve our record of delivery of milestones and benefits. Finally, we will map and improve a small number of critical administrative processes to enable our frontline staff to work more efficiently and effectively.