"The [Moving Forward after Stroke] programme helps everybody. Its helped me with walking and balance, and mentally, with talking to other people

Lester, stroke survivor.

Why did we make this our goal?

  • 45% of stroke survivors feel abandoned when they leave hospital.
  • Stroke survivors and their carers don’t have adequate access to quality therapies and rehabilitation to support their recovery.
  • We are currently only able to reach 6% of the 1.2 million people living with stroke through our support offerings.

Our achievements:

  • Our stroke coordinators provided face-to-face support to over 45,159 people.
  • Our Stroke Helpline responded to 19,452 enquiries, 7% more than last year. 91% of people who completed our satisfaction survey rated the service as good, very good or excellent.
  • Over 8,000 people have signed up to My Stroke Guide in the last year, exceeding our target by more than 10%. Of these, 20% are in areas where we don’t currently have a local support service.
  • We saw 323,000 prompted visits to our website’s ‘Finding support’ pages - a 43% increase from 2017–18 and beating our 225,000 target.
  • We distributed 44,000 information packs to people in hospital.
  • Patients picked up 708,000 of our leaflets about stroke from 8,000 GP surgeries across UK – doubling our 2017–18 reach.
  • We invested £1.1 million into new rehabilitation research into stroke rehabilitation and long-term support and £800,000 in capacity building awards, supporting the stroke research leaders of the future.
  • We commissioned what we believe is the world’s biggest survey of 10,000 stroke survivors and their primary carers.
  • We successfully piloted a Patient Reported Experience and Outcomes survey (PREMs / PROMs) in two acute hospitals in England.
  • We piloted new ways of reaching out to people who have a connection with stroke via online channels, resulting in over 90,000 people visiting our website.
  • We hosted three Stroke Assembly events in Manchester, London and Edinburgh attended by 267 stroke-connected people, 54% of whom hadn’t been before.
  • Over 150 representatives from over 70 stroke clubs and groups attend our annual UK Stroke Club Conference.