We are all striving towards creating an organisation which cares for its staff and volunteers as much as the people we support because we believe in better.
Joanne Barrow, Stroke Association Administration Assistant and #WhatNext group member.

We’ve focused on evolving our culture so that our staff and volunteers are equipped to adapt and respond to the challenges of delivering our new strategy.

Evolving our culture

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to evolve our culture:

  • We worked with staff, stroke survivors, carers, professionals and existing and potential supporters to develop our new values. Our values express who we are at our core, and define our culture and the experience we want people to have when they meet us, so it was important to us that everyone was able to contribute to their creation: 

    We are human.
    We believe in better.
    We give it our all.
    We say it how it is.
  • Our #WhatNext Group (12 members of staff from across the charity and UK) worked with people inside and outside our charity to co-develop our new strategy and principles, which will inform and direct us in the future.
  • Through our leadership development programmes, we’ve supported current and future leaders, at all levels, with the knowledge and skills they need to do a great job.
  • We improved our approach to flexible working, benchmarked pay and introduced a new health and wellbeing scheme for staff.
  • We began to modernise our finances by implementing a new finance system.
  • We refurbished our head office in London and moved our regional offices in north Wales and Scotland to ensure we meet disability standards and improve the working environment for staff, volunteers and visitors.