Our aims for 2021–22

In the year ahead we want to:

Drive improvements in stroke prevention, treatment and care through influencing policy and practice.

We will:

  • Strengthen our relationships with decision-makers and funders in different areas of the UK, using our local knowledge and insight to better address local issues and gaps.

  • Ensure we have the greatest impact by integrating our research and policy influencing teams.

  • Start to close the gap in research funding for stroke compared to other conditions by using the findings of the Stroke Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) to influence organisations to direct funding where it’s most needed. 

Reach more people and improve the experience we give to everyone we have a relationship with​.

We will:

  • Offer better and more personalised support to stroke survivors and their carers by streamlining and integrating the way we deliver our services. 

  • Use insight to better understand the people we support and what they need from us. 

  • Build long-term engagement with our supporters by developing strong relationships with individual fundraisers, organisations and trusts. 

Enable communities to take action on stroke that is purposeful and meaningful to them​​.

We will:

  • Build a new strategy for participatory community development based on learnings from our current community work. 

  • Work with community-focused organisations to support sustainable local activities that benefit stroke survivors.