Our challenges and aims for the future

Our challenges

  • The increasing pressure on the NHS and chronic underfunding of our health and social care systems, combined with the ongoing disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact all aspects of stroke treatment and care.

  • Too many people who have a stroke face poor outcomes because they aren't getting the treatment they need or the support to help them come to terms with what's happened to them.

  • Stroke as a cause also suffers from significantly less awareness and support from the general public than other medical conditions, like cancer, heart disease or dementia.

Our aims

Over the next three years, we want:

  • To reach and add value to the lives of every newly diagnosed stroke survivor - We currently only manage to support 30% of newly diagnosed stroke survivors in the UK - by 2025 we want to be supporting 100%.

  • Thrombectomy to be available 24/7 across the UK for all patients who could benefit - 10% of stroke patients could benefit from this game-changing surgical procedure that retrieves the blood clot causing the stroke from the brain. But only 2% receive it, and it is a post code lottery as to who does. We want to see greater access to thrombectomy and for that access to be equal no matter where you live.

  • Raise greater awareness and understanding of stroke as a medical condition and of ourselves as a charity with the general public - This will help us to reach more newly diagnosed stroke survivors because they'll know who we are and what we can offer them. It'll enable us to influence for greater rates of thrombectomy because we're a trusted partner and critical friend to the health and social care system. And we can raise more money to enable us to achieve those aims.

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