"When I now think, 'What next?' for us as an organisation my answer has to be, 'Good things'.”
Jason Haynes, Stroke Association Support Coordinator and #WhatNext group member.

We've decided to focus on five priorities for action in the coming year.

1. Increase awareness of and engagement in stroke:

  • Through our new Rebuilding Lives campaign.
  • By sharing the findings from our ‘Lived experience of stroke’ survey.
  • By introducing new ways of reaching those who need lifelong support from us and those who would like to support us and the cause of stroke.

2. Increase our influencing at national and local level:

  • In England – by using our influence to ensure the National Stroke Plan is implemented nationally.
  • In Wales - by taking a lead role in reviewing the implementation of the Welsh stroke delivery plan.
  • In Scotland – by influencing the development of the Scottish stroke improvement plan.
  • In Northern Ireland - by influencing the consultation on the modernisation of the post-acute pathway.
  • UK-wide – by implementing a new prevention strategy that enables us to better support local health systems in their work with communities who have a high stroke risk.

3. Increase our leadership and impact in research:

  • By carrying out a project over the next few years to develop a new set of nationally recognised stroke research priorities.
  • By increasing the number of stroke fellowships and lectureships we fund.
  • By enabling and encouraging more people affected by stroke to get involved in decision-making in all aspects of the research we fund.
  • By focusing our research investment into areas that have the greatest impact on people affected by stroke.

4. Target our support offers:

  • By building on our range of stroke support offerings and increasing the number of people who are able to access them.
  • By working with funders to increase the number of people we support and the sustainability of the support we offer.
  • By reviewing how we support volunteer-based peer support activities and implement recommendations for improvement.
  • By investing in innovative new ways to provide support.
  • By working more closely with local partners across the UK to create more opportunities to support people affected by stroke. 

5. Engage and mobilise communities:

  • By exploring how we can enable people affected by stroke and their communities to develop their own networks to provide lifelong support for stroke survivors and carers, advocate for stroke care locally and inspire others to give time, voice and money to the cause of stroke.

To help us to achieve these goals we’ll:

  • Strengthen our financial sustainability by finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively through improved processes, systems and behaviours.
  • Improve our management of information by reviewing, developing and strengthening our information governance, information systems and IT.
  • Develop our capabilities and culture to ensure that we’re an agile, diverse and inclusive organisation that can respond and adapt well to change, and supports and develops staff and volunteers.
  • Strengthen our organisation-wide understanding, coordination and use of data, evidence and market insight to inform decision-making and learning.
  • Carry out our strategy to grow our income, with a special focus on strengthening how we engage with supporters.