Our Goal A aims for 2020–21

Looking at the financial year ahead, we know we face uncertainty due to the impact of Covid-19 on our ability to deliver our planned activities and generate required levels of financial and other support. Nevertheless, we are aiming to build on our Goal A successes to:

Extend our system leadership, influencing better outcomes for stroke prevention, treatment and care by:

  • Growing a UK-wide community of best practice and maintaining it through webinars.

  • Ensuring the establishment of Integrated Stroke Delivery Networks across England that have ambitious action plans and meaningfully involve people affected by stroke.

  • Campaigning in Scotland and Wales for stroke to be identified as a political priority by parties in the run up to the 2021 elections. 

  • Influencing reconfiguration plans in Northern Ireland. 

Bolster stroke research through funding, capacity building and partnerships, including:

  • Finalising the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership to develop a new set of nationally recognised stroke research priorities. 

  • Funding research on the impact of stroke on carers and fatigue in stroke survivors – our highlight areas for this year. 

  • Awarding two Lectureships, two Post-doctoral Fellowships and one Post-graduate Fellowship. 

  • Partnering with Fight for Sight, to award a total value of £250,000 with the Stroke Association contribution of £125,000.

Our Goal B aims for 2020–21

In the year ahead, we aim to:

Extend the availability of and access to good quality long-term rehabilitation and support for people affected by stroke by:

  • Engaging with people affected by stroke and other stakeholders to continually update our knowledge and understanding of changing needs and the best ways to address those needs. 

  • Influencing the wider health and social care system to play their role in the provision of appropriate and effective rehabilitation and long-term care.

  • Improving our information and support portfolio to ensure that it best meets the diverse needs of people affected by stroke, targeting our resources to ensure maximum impact.

  • Piloting and evaluating new products that could extend our support to more people, including,

    • Stroke Association Connect

    • Here for You

    • Digital Health Assistant.

Our Goal C aims for 2020–21

In the year ahead, we want to: 

Mobilise the stroke community to take action on stroke by:

  • Ensuring that the voices of people affected by stroke influence the actions and decisions we make as a charity, as well as the wider health and social care landscape.

  • Growing our network of campaigners.

  • Testing and learning from new ways of working with communities affected by stroke.

  • Partnering with other organisations and professionals who share our aims. 

  • Improving how we help to empower peer support groups.

  • Engaging with people affected by stroke in appropriate ways throughout their whole journey. 

  • Developing new ways for people to support our work that fit with how they want to give to us.