Our vision is for there to be fewer strokes, and for people affected by stroke to get the help they need to live the best life they can.

We'll only realise this vision and these goals by working collaboratively across the whole health and care system. We've identified a set of long-term objectives, referred to as system impacts. These can't be delivered by us - or any other single organisation - alone, but we can achieve them together.

We'll consult with our partners about our proposed system impact measures. But as a starting point, these are the impacts that we want to collectively track across the UK and within each nation:

  • Reduce the incidence of stroke, taking account of changes in population.
  • Reduce the proportion of strokes which are fatal or result in institutionalisation.
  • Increase the proportion of people who are able to access appropriate treatment.
  • Reduce the self-reported physical, cognitive and emotional impacts of stroke.
  • Increase proportion of people helped by the support they receive after a stroke.
  • Improve the position of the UK in international rankings for stroke outcomes.