Our staff developed a set of principles through conversations with stroke survivors, carers, volunteers, colleagues and other organisations. These principles inform and shape our decisions as we implement our strategy.

We work in an environment and are part of a system that’s constantly changing, uncertain, and increasingly global in its outlook. Together, our principles set out how we’ll adapt and learn, recognising and responding to these complex and changing demands with agility. Our principles are: 

We are stroke to the core

We focus on all aspects of stroke. We ensure that everything we do is informed by those with lived experience of stroke. We strive for genuine co-creation of ideas and actions with people affected by stroke. We want to ensure that we’re listening carefully to stroke survivors and carers, and that they’re heard by key policy makers and opinion formers. We want people affected by stroke to feel genuinely involved so that they can see the difference they make, including in our decision-making.

We are in the conversation

Our expertise makes us the ‘go to’ organisation when it comes to stroke. We’re bold, brave and confident as we make sure that the voice of stroke survivors is always heard. We are credible and equal partners with health, social and political organisations, nationally and locally. We make sure that teams have the time, knowledge and skills to develop relationships and form alliances with a wider range of partners in the private, public and voluntary sectors. We add value through our leadership, expertise, independence, and trusted relationships. Making sure that the UK works better for stroke survivors

We know how to make an impact

 We measure ourselves by the difference we make, rather than the work that we do. We believe that large impacts can sometimes be achieved with relatively small resources. We use evidence to inform decisions and actions, working together towards a shared set of outcomes. We’re transparent in what we do, holding ourselves and others to account. We’ll develop our capabilities to use data and evidence to inform our decision-making, service design and delivery. We’re a learning organisation that questions, tests, learns, adapts and shares, to improve.

We unleash potential

We unleash potential in people affected by stroke, ourselves and others, harnessing the value and diversity that everyone brings to help deliver our goals. We invest in the culture, skills and knowledge of our people (volunteers and employees), strengthening our ability to deliver our goals. We focus on expertise over position – driving more collaboration, creating more cross-functional teams and embedding ownership and accountability at all levels of our charity. We recruit, keep and develop the best people to deliver our goals. 

We care for ourselves as for others

 Together we foster a culture of mutual respect and empowerment. We want to do more than practice kindness – we want to be an organisation that excels in it. This isn’t about making allowances and tolerating mediocrity. It’s about creating and protecting time and space for the kindness, wellbeing and authenticity that benefits us all. Whether that’s through small, everyday actions. Or through bigger programmes of support and change when we need it.