Regular reviews are one way to ensure stroke survivors continue to feel supported. Of key importance is the enabling and supporting of people in navigating through the system.

At first I didn’t know the effects of stroke. It would have been good to know what to expect with walking, working, getting about, etc. What was life going to be like?
Stroke survivor

What is a Post-Stroke Review?

A Post-Stroke Review is carried out by a trained coordinator with extensive knowledge of stroke. It provides a stroke survivor with dedicated time to review their needs and signpost to relevant services and advice.

The review uses the Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool (GM-SAT) and covers 35 common problem areas related to health, medical, social and emotional. This provides a comprehensive review of their needs, with the results shared with the client and primary care team.

Stroke survivor receiving a Post-Stroke Review

Who is this service for?

The National Stroke Strategy in England stipulates that all stroke survivors are entitled to a review of their needs at six months. Many issues won’t come to light until months after a stroke, and without follow-up, there is an increased risk of secondary stroke and further complications.

What we offer through our service

A Post-Stroke Review identifies the unmet needs of stroke survivors and their carers, which our coordinators then address. They also carry out checks to highlight unidentified high blood pressure or Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

Read our Post-stroke Review service leaflet for more information.

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