All stroke survivors should have access to the correct assistance to rebuild their lives and regain independence after their stroke. Life after stroke services are designed to provide the right information, advice, and support to stroke survivors to allow them to begin the path towards recovery.

When someone has a stroke, it is crucial that they are taken to a specialist stroke unit as soon as possible. At this unit, they can then be scanned and given the appropriate treatment, which may include clot-busting thrombolysis or mechanical thrombectomy, a new game-changing stroke treatment.

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Stroke is one of the biggest causes of disability, meaning many stroke survivors are likely to be entitled to disability benefits. It is important that the benefits system works for stroke survivors, but we know that too often this isn’t the case.

Prescription charges

Charges for prescription medication were introduced in 1952 to raise additional revenue to fund the NHS. Today, England is the only UK nation without universal free prescriptions. Wales abolished charges in 2007, Northern Ireland in 2010 and Scotland in 2011.

Social care

Once discharged from hospital, a stroke survivor can benefit from support within the social care system. However, this sector has been under immense pressures in recent years and the support is not always available when needed most.

Campaign with us

We are the force for change. By listening to and working with people affected by stroke, we can drive improvements in stroke prevention.