Resources for your patients

Through speaking to stroke survivors, we know that they and the people close to them look to GPs, health care providers and their surgeries for information about stroke.

We want to support you as much as we can in letting your patients know what we can do for them and how we can help. You will find information, resources and places for you to signpost your patients to on this page. 

Our helpline

Our Stroke Helpline is a place for information and support. If you have patients who are stroke survivors, work in stroke, or want to access resources and tools about preventing stroke, please get in touch.

Our stroke helpline now has longer opening hours to be available to answer questions from you or your patients about living with stroke and provide them with emotional support at more convenient times. 

It will now be open:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday: 9am-5pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 8am-6pm
  • Saturday: 10am-1pm
  • Sunday: closed.

You and your patients can call our Stroke Helpline now on 0303 3033 100 or email

The helpline told me about local services and put me in touch with other stroke survivors. This has given me a reason to get up, showered and shaved. It’s great to know the charity is there with more information and support if I need them.
Dr. Ken Townend, stroke survivor

Telling your patients about us

We have created a video to show you the support that is available to your patients and people you care for. You can watch this video and share it with your networks and throughout social media. We are also displaying this animation on TV screens in 1,500 GP waiting rooms.     

Core guides

Our core guide leaflets are available for you to suport your patients. They are particularly suitable for stroke survivors in the very first weeks and months after stroke. These leaflets provide the essential information they need to help them understand what's happened and what to expect as they recover and leave hospital.

You can download any of these below

Information leaflets

We also produce a range of leaflets that provide detailed information on different topics relating to stroke. These are aimed at stroke survivors who are further along in their recovery, as well as their friends and family members.
Some of our most popular titles include:

Communication Aids

Communication difficulties are experienced by over third of stroke survivors. When we ask professionals what they find most challenging whilst supporting stroke survivors communication is the most popular answer. We offer a range of resources to support communication for both the individual stroke survivor and for stroke services.

Communication credit card
This free wallet-sized card can be used by stroke survivors with Aphasia to inform people that they have had as stroke and may need help to communicate. Order now.

Stroke Recovery Passport

This resource explains how the stroke has affected you, what your goals are, about your life and how people can support you to recover from stroke. It's for health and social care professionals, your family and friends and anyone you meet. Download Stroke Recovery Passport.

Communication licence

Individuals' needs are displayed in this one page summary in visible places such as the front of their care plan or on the fridge so carers and professionals know how to support the individual. This can also be taken into hospital and kept with their notes or by the bed. Download now.

Word and picture chart

This resource has been designed to help people with aphasia communicate with health, social care staff and their family and friends. It's fully laminated and also features a list of tips on how to help a person with aphasia to communicate with you. Buy now for £2.50.

How to order

You can order from our range of publications by visiting our shop.

The first 20 copies added to your shopping cart are free. For orders of 20 or more, we charge £0.15 per item, plus postage and packaging. Where we've been able to secure corporate sponsorship to cover the print costs of individual publications, we don't charge a unit price, only postage and packaging.

You can download any of our information publications for free. Our publications are also available to download in large print format, and many are available as digital audio recordings. 

All of our core leaflets are also available to order in Welsh.