Can high-dose oxygen therapy reduce the effects of stroke?

An ischaemic stroke is the most common type of stroke. The arteries that supply the brain with blood become clogged by clots. This kills the brain cells at the centre of the stroke and puts those brain cells nearby at great risk of damage.

High-dose oxygen therapy is very simple and low-cost. After having been diagnosed with an ischaemic stroke, the patient wears a mask through which they inhale almost pure oxygen. This keeps the oxygen content in the blood as high as it can be.

The aim of the PROOF trial is to ensure that the surrounding brain tissue at risk, which will have less oxygen but is not yet dead, is stabilised by high oxygen content coming in. This continues until the clot is removed by emergency treatment and the blood circulation is improved again.

The Stroke Association is a member of the Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE), which will work on communication of information about the PROOF trial to non-clinical audiences.

To find out more about the PROOF trial, visit the SAFE website.