A key cause of both stroke and dementia is known as ‘small vessel disease’ or ‘SVD’ for short.

There are many types of SVD which  can damage the small blood vessels in the brain, gradually starving it of the oxygen and food it needs. This leads to harmful changes in the brain’s structure. These changes cause about a third of all strokes, and at least two out every five cases of dementia. However, despite this huge impact, there are still no treatments that are proven to help.

The SVDs @target programme aims to learn more about the biological mechanisms behind SVD, so that one day we may stop SVDs from ever developing.

SVDs @target is funded by a 6 million euro grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) is a key partner, representing stroke patient groups from across Europe, including the Stroke Association.

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