Why do we have workshops?

The Stroke Association launched a new Research Strategy in December 2014 and, as part of this new strategy, we launched a number of new funding streams. One of these was our ‘Priority Programme Awards’ which are aimed at addressing gaps in research. 

We held a number of workshops between September 2014 and September 2015 that helped us to shape our priorities in a number of areas.

What have our workshops looked like?

These workshops were a chance for us to bring together a wide range of stakeholders. Key researchers in stroke research, research funders, stroke survivors and carers were all invited.

Each workshop consisted of a number of talks which set the scene around the current stage of research in the area. These talks were followed by a large group discussion about that area. 

Next, attendees broke off into smaller groups for further discussions that were more focussed on areas of priority, where the biggest gaps exist, and where the biggest needs lie. 

Finally, there was a vote on the key priority areas. 

We have had three workshops so far:

As and when further workshops are scheduled, we will add details of how to register your interest.

Our haemorrhagic workshop attendees