This may be helpful when you come to apply for a position with us. A CV will not be accepted as an application so please complete the application form as requested. Your application should be completed in typescript or black ink. If you require any assistance in completing the form, please contact our recruitment team by calling 01527 903826.

Education details and formal qualifications

You should provide information regarding your formal or professional qualifications. Please also provide details of any professional development or work-related training you've undertaken and of appropriate memberships of professional organisations.

Some posts don't necessarily require formal qualifications. Please refer to the Role Profile and Person Specification document relating to the role you are applying for.

Employment history

Please provide details of your complete employment history with the most recent first. You may have developed relevant skills through unpaid work, which could include raising a family, caring for a dependant, or voluntary work. Please include these details in your application if appropriate.

Additional information to support your application

Please refer to the guide for applicants, the Role Profile and the Person Specification when completing this section of the form. Please provide details of how your experience and skills meet the points of the person specification for the post you are applying for and provide specific examples.


We require a minimum of two employment references within the last five years. One must be from your previous or most recent employer and one must be from another employer within the last five years. If your work history only includes voluntary work you should provide a contact that could provide this information.

References are obtained upon completion of a successful job interview and before an unconditional employment offer is made.

Equal opportunities monitoring form

We're committed to equal opportunities. To support this you are asked to supply related information as defined by the Equality Act 2010. This submission is anonymous and provided for statistical and monitoring purposes only. The equal opportunities form should be emailed to HR at  

Sending in your application form

You should send in your application form by the published closing date. Any applications received after the closing date may not be considered in the shortlisting process. The form should be emailed to the correct address as advertised in the job advertisement.

We advise you keep a copy of your form as you may be asked questions about it in an interview.

We can only use the information provided on your application form to assess your suitability for the job so please ensure it is up-to-date and relevant to the role.

Good luck with your application.