About Parent-to-Parent Volunteer Calls

How does the service work?

You will talk on the phone to a parent volunteer who will call you for about 30 minutes, at an agreed time. Towards the end of your first call you can discuss if you both want a second call, at the same time, the following week.

Who will I be talking to?

One of our trained parent volunteers will call you and if you both agree, will make a second call at the same time the following week.

What will we be talking about on the calls?

When you sign up you'll let us know the topics you want to discuss. The parent volunteer will use their own experience of childhood stroke to discuss these topics with you. If there is time you can introduce other topics, about childhood stroke, of interest to you.

Is there a cost?

This service is free and is part of the support we offer to people affected by stroke across the UK. Our volunteers will always call you so you will not have any call costs either.

What happens if I can't take the call?

If for any reason you are not able to take a call at the agreed time you can contact us at parenttoparent@stroke.org.uk or by calling us on 020 7566 1540. We will let the volunteer know. You can let us know a range of times you are available and we can ask if the volunteer can call you at this new time.

How will you make sure the calls are going well?

All volunteers are supported by an internal team. Additionally, as part of evaluating this new service, our evaluation team will make contact to ask you how the calls went.

Are the calls private?

What you and your volunteer talk about on the telephone is confidential. However, our volunteers will talk to the member of staff that supports them about how the calls are going. In doing so, they may share information that makes sure we are offering the best service we can. Volunteers will also tell the member of staff if they are worried about you, or your child, or feel you need further support. This might include information about your health or that of your child.

Can my partner and other family members join the calls?

No. Parent-to-parent volunteering is about supporting parents/guardians on a one-to-one basis. If your partner also wishes to use the service they can have a separate call, with a different volunteer. They will need to use the sign-up form to access a volunteer.