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William was eating his last mouthful of granola at the breakfast table when he decided to grab his phone from his bag in the hall.


Then his life changed forever.


He tried to stand, but he couldn’t. He felt as though every bit of strength had gone from his body. It was so confusing, he had no idea what was happening. Then he collapsed to the floor. 


On hearing the thud, William’s partner ran downstairs in a panic. Nothing could have prepared her for the shock of that terrifying moment. She found William dragging himself across the floor, covered in sweat. Then she noticed that his face had drooped and he was slurring. She was absolutely petrified, because she recognised the signs – William was having a stroke. 


The FAST test saved William’s life – all thanks to our supporters.


That’s right, the simple Face, Arms, Speech and Time to call 999 test all started in a pilot study research application by Professor Gary Ford that our Stroke Association supporters helped to fund in 2001.


Please donate today and help fund more pioneering pilot studies, like the FAST test project, which could lead to more breakthroughs and save the lives of many more people like William.