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Give hope after stroke this Christmas

Regular gift
£50 could help fund a phone call to our Stroke Helpline for a family member struggling over the festive season.
£30 could help pay for a stroke coordinator, like Lydia, to visit the home of a family affected by stroke.
£10 could help to run a focus group, like Alex’s, where survivors can connect and share their experiences of stroke.
A regular gift of £10 could help fund critical stroke research that could rebuild lives and even save them.
A regular gift of £7 could help run focus groups so survivors can have a say on the future of stroke rehabilitation.
A regular gift of £5 could help us reach more people with My Stroke Guide, empowering them to manage their recovery.
Alex, a stroke survivor, with his family
A person working on the Stroke Helpline
Lydia, a stroke coordinator, smiling at the camera
Alex, a stroke survivor, attending a stroke group
Dr. Gargi portrait image
Alex, a stroke survivor, attending a stroke group
Portrait image of Alexander smiling at camera

Help make Velma's Christmas wish come true by offering more support to stroke-affected families

Velma's unique Christmas wish is for her dad to get better. Her only desire this holiday season is for her father, Alex, to recover from a stroke that dramatically altered their family life. They were fortunate to have the assistance of Lydia, a stroke coordinator, who guided them through that challenging first Christmas.

Hear from Alex and his family in this video where he tells his family's story of stroke.

Immediate action is needed, as many families are not as fortunate as ours. There's currently a shortage of skilled stroke coordinators like Lydia, who provide crucial emotional and practical support to families going through the same ordeal.

By donating today, you could help support more stroke coordinators. Your generous contribution can support families grappling with the aftermath of a stroke, offering them a brighter festive season.

*Your donations will help to fund vital work – such as research projects, the Stroke Helpline and support groups – and help stroke survivors and their families rebuild their lives.