There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK every year; and it’s probably more than double that number of people who will have their lives turned upside down when you consider family and friends too. Your donation will go to your local community, helping stroke survivors and people affected by stroke in your local community to get the support they need and deserve.

Stacey's story

I live in Armagh, Northern Ireland, and I’m one of many stroke survivors in my local area. I have immense gratitude to everyone who donates to help fund Life After Stroke Services. For anyone affected by stroke, they are a true-life line.

I woke up sweating and numb
"It was one night in January 2014 that I had gone to bed as normal, kissing my beautiful four-year-old daughter, already fast asleep, as I went. That night I woke up sweating and I knew in my heart that I'd had a stroke, as my right side felt numb and I couldn't swallow. I went to hospital and they diagnosed a stroke right away. It was so unexpected – I couldn't believe I'd had a stroke at 23 years old, it was so overwhelming."

Getting my confidence back to carry on
"My mobility was severely hindered and I now walk with a crutch or a walking stick. Worse, the doctors advised me not to get pregnant due to the risk of another stroke occurring. I was devastated by this news as wanted a sister or brother for my four-year-old.

A stroke can happen to anyone at any age - I was just 23 years old.

It was suggested to me that I join the Stroke Association’s Young Women’s Stroke Support Group in Northern Ireland, for help and encouragement from women in a similar position to me. And wow did it help me! It’s been really beneficial to my recovery to have other women to talk to, who have all gone through similar experiences. The group has helped build up my confidence and independence and now I’m involved in fundraising – I strutted my stuff at a fashion show and I’ve helped to organise a ‘Sing for Stroke’ music evening to raise awareness of the Stroke Association charity in my local area. I’m keen to raise awareness that strokes can happen to anyone of any age.

Stroke services need your support now

"I’ll never be able to put into words just how important the help was that I got from the Young Women’s Stroke Support Group. It was a real eye-opener to see how many young women aged 16-55 living in Northern Ireland are affected by stroke. With their support and encouragement I spoke with doctors to explore the chance of having a second child and am delighted and fortunate to now have a second little girl. But important services like this do cost money – please make a donation and help people affected by stroke get the help and support they need, closer to where you live.”

Thank you.

Donate now to help people affected by stroke get the support they need and deserve.

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